Alkamil College of Science and Arts

Message From Dean


Message of the Dean in charge  

In the name of Allah the most merciful, the most gracious, and praise be to Allah and peace be upon His messenger.

The College of Sciences and Arts in the province of Al-kamil is one of the recently- established colleges subject to the decree of the Higher Education Council N 10209 dated 20/12/ 1429 AH.

The College is a new branch under the auspices of King Abdul Aziz University that   will pave the way, God willing, to establish the faculties of Medicine, Engineering, Arts and Administration and will grow into an independent university in future.

The establishment of the college underlines the great concern of Ministry of Higher Education for this region to provide opportunities of higher education to about 100 villages and Hijr, primarily rural province of Al-Kamil.

Mainly, the college aims at achieving the inhabitants’ ambitions of providing higher education and professional training to their young generation in the fields of science and humanities.

All students – in both boys and female sections- start their academic life with the preparatory year before they join one of the available departments , namely the English Department , the Department of Islamic culture and language skills and the department of Communication Skills , the departments of biology, mathematics and chemistry. Henceforth, the college is to offer higher education in all these disciplines to the students of this region and  some other departments ,God willing, will soon be launched. Thus, it  will be the bench mark for quality education not only for the province of Al-Kamil but for this great country.

May Allah help us in our pursuit of educational excellence.



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