Alkamil College of Science and Arts

Head of the Unit’s message


It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you and throw some light on the English Language Unit, its resources and its functioning.

The unit is rich in both the material and the human resources. It is supported by well trained and experienced staff from different countries around the world. The unit is equipped with the latest and the most advanced language labs to facilitate the students to practise and acquire the language with the help of the most updated software and language learners’ programs. Furthermore, the teaching staff endeavours to provide the students the most conducive atmosphere both in and outside the classrooms. The students are provided continual support and guidance in a dynamic learning environment. 

As the head of the English Language Unit, I am pretty confident that the unit meets all the expectations, demands and requirements of an ideal language institute.
Iam quite optimistic that, with Allah’s guidance, aspiring students shall find the unit an ideal platform to pursue their goal and dream of acquiring English language.

Last Update 3/14/2011 11:00:27 AM