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Al-Kamil is a town in the region of Makkah. It also lends its name to the province in which it is situated. Al-Kamil is the smallest province in Makkah region and is situated in the east of Khleis province. It is located in the north of Makkah between 39-40 east longitudes and the 22-23 north latitudes. It is bordered by the region of Al-Madinah in the north, province of Al-Jamum in the south, the province of Al-Taif in the east, and Khleis in the west.

The total area of Al-Kamil province is about 10,000 square kilometers and the population is over 20,000 according the latest census in 1424 AH. Among the four administrative centers Al-Kamil is the most prominent one because it is the head quarter of the province. It houses about 63% of the total population of the province; the remaining population is distributed almost equally among the other three centers.

Al-Kamil province is a mountainous and rugged area interspersed with many seasonal streams that descend from the mountains to the red sea in the west. Al-Kamil is famous for these seasonal and perennial streams. The province comprises of about 22 major villages, most of which are concentrated in the center and south-west of the province along the seasonal streams of Sabaa, Shuwan and Marwani. Marwani is a perennial stream. All the villages have medical cover and schooling facilities. The distribution pattern of these villages has been affected by the rocky stretches in the north and the east of the province and the mountains in the west. This type of topography leads to transportation problems during the rainy season.

The province has a number of administrative and governmental agencies such as a police station, a civil defense center, a red crescent center, a directorate of education,  a municipal council, a branch of the ministry of agriculture, a court of law, a branch of the general presidency for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vices, a branch of endowment  and guidance, a post office, a branch of the ministry of transportation, a hospital, a primary health care center, five primary schools, two of them are boys’ and girls’ Quranic schools, four middle schools, one of them is a boys’ Quranic school, one  secondary school each for boys’ and girls’.

The province of Al-Kamil administers 60 villages, most of which lie within 35 km radius from Al-Kamil town. All major villages have separate schools for boys and girls. Names of some of these villages are Al-Sumeid, Al-Muhaya, Al-Guraya, Ihala Sofla, Ihala Olya, Duwara, Al Ghoraif, Al Qo'or, Al Modhaa, Al Methnah, Al Fareh,and Al Okala.

One of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Al Kamil is Shemainsar Mountain with an altitude of 1000 feet. It is blessed with magnificent scenery and diverse flora and fauna. It has the facility of a helipad and a civil defense center. Al Kamil also boasts of 30 water springs which provide water for rudimentary agriculture in the province. Some of these springs have gone dry because of lack of rain in recent past.


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